GeIL USA - GeIL Memory support stinks and the company scams its customers!

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I thought I would buy some RAM with faster timings than many other brands offer. I ordered GeIL Esotera RAM from

I received my RAM and immediately had to clip the UPC to send in for the rebate. This voided my opportunity to return this piece of junk to Newegg. My RAM set was defective. Testing showed one stick to be causing the problem while the other stick was working okay.

I filed for a warranty replacement with GeIL USA, which was approved. I sent in my RAM and received no email or phone call over a long period of time; eventually a package shows up from GeIL.

I open it up and... WTF... this is the same RAM I sent in! How do I know? I had a feeling there was going to be a problem getting a replacement, so I strategically marked the RAM with a special marking not visible during ordinary handling. The marking was present on this "replacement" memory.

I immediately called to find out what happened with my memory. Andy Wang advised me that it was "replaced." I informed him that the RAM was the same RAM I sent in for warranty. Andy Wang suggested that I return it again and he would "personally make sure it is replaced."

I complied with the request and returned it, at my cost, again. Once they received the memory, I contacted Andy and he told me the RAM was not defective. I advised him to test it more and under what conditions the stick failed for me. He later confirmed that the pair failed after 80 loops

of testing. Failure is failure, regardless of how long it takes for the failure to occur.

He advised me that they did not have the same color of heat spreaders and wanted to make sure it was okay that the replacement was the alternative color they offered. I agreed and waited for it to arrive.

Once I get the RAM for the second attempt of replacement, I promptly notice the same color as what I sent in and I discover my markings are still visible which indicate that the RAM has STILL NOT been replaced as I was promised.

I call Andy again and he insists he hand-selected the RAM to send to me, and that it must be my board that is defective. Now he wants me to deal with GeIL Taiwan instead.

As proof my board isn't bad, I had to buy more RAM because GeIL took SO LONG to replace my RAM; I bought Patriot brand, and I have extensively tested it before clipping the UPC for rebate purposes. Guess what... the Patriot RAM doesn't fail no matter how long I let the tests run -- GeIL can't match this.

In short, don't buy any GeIL RAM ever! They are liars and scammers! I'm going to see what other action I can take in order to get a replacement or refund for this poor RAM that I ended up with. If you have any questions or would like copies of the email correspondence, I would be happy to provide them to you. I hope this review is helpful to someone.

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I used GEIL ram for over 10 years before the USA branch closed and stopped helping, Now after my last purchase of GEIL ram i have getting bad blue screens and crashes directly linked to the RAM.GEIL has in fact turned into a scam of a company this guy isnt a whiner or wanting special treatment although i think they owe him and many more people just THAT!

all you punks above who claim becuase your among the SUPER LUCKY to not have problems with this company can go f your mothers becuase you don't know jack *** if that's what you think.this company knows since they are IN TAIWAN now there isnt *** you can do to make them fess uyp with proper warranties now.



Bought many sets of GeIL and been using them for a little over 5 years, replaced memory thru their RMA 4 times 'cuz I overclock a lot. Never had any problems and they always served me right.

I've heard of certain people that just won't be happy unless they get some "goodies" from the manufacturers. Perhaps you're one of them?


Same thing here.Bought some Ram in January..

found out that the company they were paying to process rebates don't process them anymore.. Contacted the new number for them in about April/May.

They claimed just email them another copy of my receipt and they would have a check in a couple of weeks.

3-4 Months later...Still nothing.

Longbridge, England, United Kingdom #27964

GeIL has been jerkin me around over a $15 rebate since January.Cannot get anyone to return my emails.

I think they maybe going bankrupt like most memory mfgr.Fortunately my memory did work.

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